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More Broadcasters Considering Cloud Tech

- TV Technology

“The term ‘cloud’ has become somewhat overused. Some people call their own datacenter a cloud, others think of a datacenter run by a third party as a cloud and then there is the public cloud such as AWS, Azure and so on. Public cloud is the next area to consider; we are starting to see a desire from customers to use the commercial and technical flexibility of the public cloud and are starting to run customer POCs with ICE SDC in such environments, we also showed a deployment in AWS at NAB this year,” Karl Mehring, SAM's Director of Playout and Delivery.

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KMH Leads Upgrade to New York Giants' Production Facility with SAM's Pyxis router

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Through KMH the New York Giants have been adding new capabilities that include increased interconnectivity to the stadium and additional graphics and playback capabilities, all supported by Snell Advanced Media's (SAM) multi-format Pyxis router.

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Alchemist XF brings speed, efficiency, and high framerate conversion to the UK’s Roundtable Films

- Snell Advanced Media

SAM announces that post production facility, Roundtable Films has invested in Alchemist XF

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Formula One Goes UHD – Part II

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Earlier this year Sky Sports announced that it would make every race of the 2017 Formula One Championship season available in UHD.

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OB goes IP

- via TVBEurope

As IP starts to evolve more quickly in the industry, it's crucial for manufacturers to continue to find ways to further adapt the technology to satisfy client needs and to support the industry with the transition

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