New Product Announcement - IQSYN50

14 August 2017 - Snell Advanced Media

IQ Modular

The IQSYN50 includes 2 SDI inputs, 4 SDI outputs, agile synchronization and audio firewall features making it ideal for general incoming line applications. Other features include a video proc. amp to provide complete control over the video levels plus RGB gamut legalization, along with relay input bypass and fiber I/O options.


  • Agile, router switching tolerant 3G/HD/SD-SDI synchronizer with additional video delay up to 30 frames
  • Firewall for video and processed PCM audio to provide a continuous uninterrupted output
  • Able to pass all ancillary data with independent HANC and VANC blanking control
  • Video proc. amp controls including video gain, offset, hue, RGB gamut legalization and Y/C picture position adjustment
  • Processing for up to 32 channels (at 3G-SDI) of embedded audio present on the incoming SDI stream to remove audio disturbance and provide tracking audio delay
  • Reference input for a bi-level or tri-level signal, with selection from either card input or from frame internal reference bus
  • Full RollCall and SNMP control and monitoring compatibility

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