New Product Announcement - IQH4B

27 June 2017 - Snell Advanced Media

IQ Modular

IQH4B enclosures offer industry leading, high-density delivery of modular solutions.

With up to 700W of module power available, this 4U rack unit enclosure accepts up to 20 modules, has dual redundant PSUs and in service replaceable cooling fans. RollCall control and monitoring is included as standard using a Gateway control card that also includes full SNMP control and monitoring functionality over Ethernet.


  • 20 single or 10 double width modules (or any combination)
  • Optimum use of rack space – frames do not require any additional ventilation spacing
  • Plug-in gateway communications card with Integrated web browser based RollCall configuration and control, and alternative SNMP Control and Monitoring access
  • Dual redundant network architecture over Ethernet and RollNet enables mission critical control applications to function even if a complete network failure occurs
  • 2 x analog reference signal distribution for dual standard (Bi-Level or Tri-Level), dual video standard (SD or HD)
  • Hot swappable redundant power supplies with PSU status reporting through GPIs on the Gateway control card rear panel
  • In-service replaceable fan units with variable fan speed, dependent upon load and ambient temperature
  • Full CE and UL compliance and full chassis monitoring, including Inlet and Outlet temperature, PSU, fan and module status

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