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News in 2018: Relevant, fast and on any device

- Trevor Francis, Director of Production Systems, SAM - via

Over the last 12 months, we have continued to see consumers demanding updates on these headlines virtually as-it-happens. Members of the public are more likely to be first on the scene, capturing events on a mobile phone and uploading to social media.

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A new era of connectivity: Producing 4K/UHD Using IP and 12G-SDI

- Phil Myers, Snell Advanced Media

Recently we attended Broadcast Solutions’ ‘Broadcast Innovation’ event in association with SVG Europe. We participated in a couple of panels, one being ‘A New Era of Connectivity: Producing 4K/UHD using IP and 12G-SDI’.

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IP - key findings

Cyclomatic Complexity - Simple, Effective, and Fits the Bill

- James Cain

In answering why cyclomatic complexity (CC) is so widely employed in industry but widely criticized in academic research, we must first answer the question, what parts of the software industry are even aware of current software research?

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

- Tim Felstead

Humble. That’s how I’m led to feel working at SAM and as part of our broader industry. When I write and think about some of the solutions and technology we’re putting together it’s all too easy to puff your chest out and claim foresight.

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VSF TR-03: An Elemental Step on the Path to IP

- Tim Claman

On October 21, 2015 the Video Services Forum (VSF) published Technical Recommendation TR-03. In the future, when we look back on our inexorable transition to IP, now in full swing, I believe TR-03 will stand as an important stepping stone on that path.

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