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Media Biometrics

A breakthrough in intelligent monitoring and control

For the first time automated monitoring can not only understand the quality of media, but that it's the right media - enabling true monitoring by exception

An Introduction to Media Biometrics

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Media Match

Within complex, multi-channel broadcast facilities, how do you know you are playing the right content, on the right channel, at the right time? Media Biometrics can track both video and audio media throughout your facility and confirm that the content being delivered is the right Media.

In a typical example, MBG (Media Biometric Generators) are used to generate multiple signature streams at various points in a media workflow. These signatures can either be embedded in the Vertical Ancillary Data (VANC) of an SDI signal or streamed over IP to an instance of Sigma software for comparison in a Media Biometric AP (Assurance Point). If any issues are detected with the media content, a flag can be raised and an operator alerted.

Offering true end-to-end capability, Media Biometrics can offer Media Match capability from content creation to end user delivery.

A Revolution in automated Monitoring and Control...

Confidence Monitoring
In a typical broadcast monitoring environment, tier one monitoring still depends on dedicated monitoring resources both in terms of equipment and operational personnel. Media Biometrics offers a true monitoring by exception solution for typical confidence monitoring applications such as video and audio presence, frozen picture etc. With simple deployment of MBGs (Media Biometric signature Generators) throughout your playout or production facility, Sigma Software can monitor the signature streams and only alert an operator if there is an alarm condition active. Using this technology significantly reduces the complexity of a MCR control room eliminating the requirement for traditional large video walls and dedicated support infrastructure. If an alarm condition is active, the automatic control switching can route the signal to a dedicated QC control station.

The Right content in the Right place at the right Time

Lip Sync
As the complexities of our media workflows increase the opportunity for Audio alignment or Lip Sync errors to creep in becomes higher. In the past there have been multiple attempts to provide automated solutions for this problem. Generally these have depended on watermarking or off line link timing verification. Media Biometrics offers a robust nonintrusive solution to this problem. Using MBGs at various points within a workflow lip sync issues can be quickly and simply identified and corrected.

In general terms, video and audio media biometric signatures generated by an MBG deployed at a point of known good alignment can be compared with  signatures  generated from, for example, an off air return to identify if a lip sync error has been introduced during the distribution or transmission stages. Expanding on this, deployment of multiple MBGs along the entire signal path can provide automated identification of where any misalignment is being introduced. Coupling this with the capability of Media Biometrics to quantify an error means that this technology not only offers a robust monitoring tool but also the ability to provide parameters for auto correction by other inline video and Audio delay technology.


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